Ido's Projects (2011-2016)

Mobile Site For Mobile World - (March 2015)

Mobile Site For Mobile World - How to design and code your next site and/or web app. What are the important things to focus on.

Google Cloud - Scale With A Smile - (Dec 2014)

All the cool stuff around Google cloud platform. High level overview on all the benefits.
Psst... Here is a full tutorial on Cloud Endpoints

Search friendly mobile sites (Nov 2014)

It's a world that becoming mobile really fast. These slides focus on How you can build friendly mobile sites, and what type of advice and resources are best.

Maximizing your ROI on the mobile web (Nov 2014)

It's a world that becoming mobile ONLY.
1) make sure your site are built to 'mobile first'.
2) Performance: Get content to the user as quickly.

Web Fundamental Update For Developers (Oct 2014)

Here are the slides from a talk I gave at Campus TLV. It is s a summary of web fundamentals is offering developers at the first step of building your first multi screen site.

Google APIs Update (April 2014)

Google APIs, Services and Platform Update. These slides cover the main APIs: Android, Chrome, Cloud, YouTube, Maps, Google+ and Wallet.

Google Cloud Storage backup and archive (Feb 2014)

Covering how to work on migrating, backups and archive your important data to Google Cloud Storage: Copying / Migrating Data, Object Composition and Durable Reduced Availability Storage.

WebRTC Example

A short (and sweet) example to the power of WebRTC

Coder Page

An example page for coder project

podcasts for developers

Podcast 4 Developers

Listen to developers podcasts online


My book - Web Workers (June 2012)
Multithreaded Programs in JavaScript. Web Workers: Multithreaded Programs in JavaScript. Make your web app run faster.

studio Some post I'm writing on my blog, html5rock and other places around the web. I'll also fetch here all the updates on Chrome, ChromeOS and HTML5 that I'm finding around the block.

As Oscar Wild put it:
"Punctuality is the thief of time."

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