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Html5 and Chrome love story Here you will find all the projects I'm pushing around the Cloud, Chrome, HTML5 and cool web development. At Google I/O 2013 - You can enjoy lots of great content. One (little) example is "Mobile, Web and Cloud - The Triple Crown of Modern Applications" This talk discusses the latest in Google cloud platform: Cloud Endpoints and its interation with mobile web app patterns that leverage the cutting edge HTML5 APIs.
You can play with our mobile web app from your phone and take photos even when you don't have connection ;) More »

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gdl-il shows Psst... I've started around Sep 2012 to run a weekly show on Google Developers Live every WED at 14:00 Israel time. We covered new technologies (e.g. Web Components, HTML5 APIs), cool startups from around the world and any other topic you wish to talk about (and which is related to our topics :) It's a hangout - so feel free to join us live.
Here are some of the GDL-IL past episodes. If you like to learn with videos you can find some tutorials I've records at my Blog Chrome section Less «


List of Talks from Conferences, Google Developers Days, Meetups and everything in between.

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My book - Web Workers (June 2012)
Can still help you sleep.
Multithreaded Programs in JavaScript. Web Workers: Multithreaded Programs in JavaScript. Make your web app run faster.

One of the most popular question I get about Chromebooks: "Can I code with it?"
So the short answer is YES and the longer one: Web Developers And The Chromebook develop on chrome book picture

As Oscar Wild put it:
"Punctuality is the thief of time."

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