App monetization with Jessica and Ido

Learn how to monetize your startup in this new course on
App monetization
Its full with entrepreneurship tips.

— Ido Green (@greenido) July 31, 2015
Building High Conversion Web Forms with Cam and Ido

Learn how to
build high conversion web forms
in this new course

— Ido Green (@greenido) Nov 17, 2015


List of Talks from Conferences, YouTube Series, Google Developers Days and everything in between.

Building a Progressive Web App
(March 2016)

We have today on the web capabilities to create web apps that give users an excellent experience. From off-line first to push notification. Learn how to build quality sites/apps.

How to make money on the web?
(Feb 2016)

Any meaningful experience on the web comes with boxes that need to be filled (=forms). Learn how to improve your current forms.

Web Forms The Right Way (Jan 2016)

Forms are the main 'entry barrier' to anything meaningful on the web. In these slides, we will cover the best practices so your forms will rock.

Mobile Site For Mobile World
(March 2015)

Mobile Site For Mobile World - How to design and code your next site and/or web app. What are the important things to focus on.

Google Cloud - Scale With A Smile
(Dec 2014)

All the cool stuff around Google cloud platform. High level overview on all the benefits. Psst... Here is a full tutorial on Cloud Endpoints

Search friendly mobile sites (Nov 2014)

It's a world that becoming mobile really fast. These slides focus on How you can build friendly mobile sites, and what type of advice and resources are best.

Maximizing your ROI on the mobile web (Nov 2014)

It's a world that becoming mobile ONLY.
1) make sure your site are built to 'mobile first'.
2) Performance: Get content to the user as quickly.

Web Fundamental Update For Developers (Oct 2014)

Here are the slides from a talk I gave at Campus TLV. It is s a summary of web fundamentals is offering developers at the first step of building your first multi screen site.

Google APIs Update (April 2014)

Google APIs, Services and Platform Update. These slides cover the main APIs: Android, Chrome, Cloud, YouTube, Maps, Google+ and Wallet.


Demos, live web applications, examples and chrome extensions.

Views 2 Remember

Watch interesting photos from Instagram, Flickr and Twitter.

Alerts IL

Alerts and news on Israel

Time Tracker

A Web application to track your time (hebrew)

WebRTC Example

A short (and sweet) example to the power of WebRTC

Coder Page

An example page for coder project

podcasts for developers

Podcast 4 Developers

Listen to developers podcasts online


I'm currently having fun as Developer Advocate at Google.

  • 1995-2004

    Started 4 startups.
    The last one (Farechase) was sold to Yahoo.

  • 2005-2007

    Hacking in Yahoo on

    Pipes is a powerful composition tool to aggregate, manipulate, and mashup content from around the web. Like Unix pipes, simple commands can be combined together to create output that meets your needs.

  • 2008-2011

    Co-founder & CTO of HighGearMedia

    HighGearMedia is a next-generation automotive publisher that connects car-seeking audiences with content and tools to help them make better decisions.

  • 2011-Now

    Developer Advocate at Google

    I was the first developer advocate for ChromeOS. Later, I was a Solution Architect at Google Cloud. These days, I'm focusing on web monetization and startups.

My book on Web Workers

It can help you sleep better.